Achint Jain (2020-2021)

Achint came to us from ETH Zurich in the fall of 2020. During his time at MIT, he spent time working on simulations of integrated photonic circuits at the AIM Photonics Academy and assisted with MIT's Virtual Manufacturing Laboratory in making virtual reality simulations for education and training. When Achint's time with us was up, he moved on to becoming a Senior Device Processing Scientist with the ARC Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology in Sydney, Australia. Bravo Achint!






Kenan Cicek (2021-2022)

Kenan Cicek received his PhD at Bristol University, UK. While at MIT, Kenan was a Fulbright Scholar focusing on integrated photonic circuits and their applications. His research included modelling and simulation of photonic devices for sensing purposes.  He was also a contributor to the Virtual Manufacturing Lab (VM-Lab), creating virtual reality simulations for photonics workforce training. Following his tenure at MIT, Kenan returned to Turkey and his faculty position at Igdir University. Keep up the great work, Kenan!