Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations (listed alphabetically by surname):

Ahn, Donghwan 
“Intrachip Clock Signal Distribution via Si-based Optical Interconnect” (2007)

Ahn, Sang Hoon 
“Electrical Studies of Silicon and Low K Dielectric Material” (1999)

Akiyama, Shoji 
“High Index Contrast Platform for Silicon Photonics” (2004)

Albert, Brian Ross 
“Germanium on silicon heteroepitaxy for high efficiency photovoltaic devices” (2016)

Burr, Tracey Alexandra 
“Electrical properties of Slicon Surfaces and Interfaces” (1998)

Cai, Yan 
“Materials science and design for germanium monolithic light source on silicon” (2014)

Camacho-Aguilera, Rodolfo
“Ge-on-Si laser for silicon photonics” (2013)

Cannon, Douglas Dale 
“Strain-Engineered CMOS-Compatible Ge Photodetectors” (2004)

Chang, Liang-Yi 
"Development of low-temperature solution-processed colloidal quantum dot-based solar cells" (2013)

Chen, Kevin M. 
“Ordered Photonic Microstructures” (2001)

Chen, Thomas D. 
“Energy Transfer and Luminescence Enhancement in Er-Doped Silicon” (1999)

Chen, Weize 
“Metrology of Very Thin Silicon Epitaxial Films” (1998)

Chuang, Donna Sue 
“Magnetic Anisotrophy in Ultrathin Epitaxial Films Grown on Surfaces Vicinal to Cu(001)” (1994)

Danielson, David 
“Anisotropic dewetting in ultra-thin single-crystal silicon-on-insulator films” (2008)

Erchak, Alexei A 
“Enhanced Performance of Optical Sources in III-V Materials Using Photonic Crystals” (2002)

Foresi, James S. 
“Optical Confinement and Light Guiding in High Dielectric Contrast Materials Systems” (1997)

Giovane, Laura Marie 
“Strain-Balanced Silicon-Germanium Materials for Near IR Photodetection in Silicon-Based Optical Interconnects” (1998)

Giziewicz, Wojciech Piotr 
“High Performance Photodetectors for Multimode Optical Data Links” (2006)

Han, Zhaohong 
“Integrated infrared sensor platform” (2017)

Holman, Jason
"Optical networking equipment manufacturing" (2001)

Hong, Ching-yin 
“Intelligent Field Emission Arrays” (2003)

Hu, Juejun 
“Planar chalcogenide glass materials and devices” (2009)

Jongthammanurak, Samerkhae 
“Germanium-rich silicon-germanium materials for field-effect modular application” (2008)

Kimerling, L. C. 
“Compensation of Germanium by Radiation Effects” (1969)

Lee, Kevin Kidoo 
“Transmission and Routing of Optical Signals in On-Chip Waveguides for Silicon Microphotonics” (2001)

Li, Preston Pui-Chuen 
“Strategies for Aluminum Recycling: Insights from Material System Organization” (2005)

Lim, Desmond Rodney 
“Device Integration for Silicon Microphotonic Platforms” (2000)

Liu, Jifeng 
“GeSi Photodetectors and Electro-absorption Modulators for Si Electronic-photonic Integrated Circuits” (2007)

Luan, Hsin-Chiao 
“Ge Photodetectors for Si Microphotonics” (2001)

McComber, Kevin A. 
“Single-crystal germanium growth on amorphous silicon” (2011)

Monmeyran, Corentin 
“Point defect engineering in germanium” (2016)

Morse, Michael Ty 
“Growth of Erbium-Doped Si/SiGe Double Heterostructures by Ultra-High Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition” (1997)

M’saad, Hichem 
“The Role of Surface and Bulk Perfection in the Processing and Performance of Crystalline Silicon” (1994)

Nguyen, Victor T. 
“Efficient Power Coupling to Waveguides in High Index Contrast Systems” (2005)

Norga, Gerd Johan Maria 
“Chemistry and Physics of Metallic Contaminants on Crystalline Silicon Surfaces” (1996)

Patel, Neil Sunil 
“Understanding defects in germanium and silicon for optoelectronic energy conversion” (2016)

Pearson, Brian 
“Germanium photodetectors on amorphous substrates for electronic-photonic integration” (2016)

Raghunathan, Vivek 
“Athermal photonic devices and circuits on a silicon platform”(2013)

Reddy, Anand Junuthula 
“Design Principles for High Performance, Low Environmental Impact Silicon Cleans” (2001)

Ren, Yong-Gang Frank 
“Erbium doped silicon as an optoelectronic semiconductor material” (1994)

Saini, Sajan 
“Gain Effect Waveguide Optical Amplifiers for Si Microphotonics”(2004)

Sandland, Jessica Gene 
“Sputtered Silicon Oxynitride for Microphotonics: A Materials Study” (2005)

Sheng, Xing

"Thin-film silicon solar cells : photonic design, process and fundamentals" (2012)

Singh, Vivek 
“Chalcogenide glass materials for integrated infrared photonics”(2015)

Smith, Aimée Louise 
“Transition Metal Gettering Studies and Simulation for the Optimization of Silicon Photovoltaic Device Processing” (2002)

Sparacin, Daniel K. 
“Process and Design Techniques for Low Loss Integrated Silicon Photonics” (2006)

Stolfi, Michael Anthony 
“Optical Properties of Nanostructured Silicon-rich Silicon Dioxide”(2006)

Sun, Rong 
“Advanced materials, process, and designs for silicon photonic integration” (2009)

Sun, Xiaochen 
“Ge-on-Si light-emitting materials and devices for silicon photonics” (2009)

Vanhoutte, Michiel 
“Erbium-ytterbium-yttrium compounds for light emission at 1.54[mu]m” (2013)

Wang, Jianfei 
“Resonant-cavity-enhanced multispectral infrared photodetectors for monolithic integration on silicon.” (2010)

Wong, Chee Wei 
“Strain-Tuning of Periodic Optical Devices: Tunable Gratings and Photonic Crystals” (2003)

Yi, Jae Hyung 
“Silicon rich nitride for silicon based laser devices” (2008)

Yi, Yasha 
“On-chip Silicon Based Photonic Structures: Photonic Band Gap and Quasi-Photonic Band Gap Materials” (2004)

Zhao, Song 
“Defect Reactions and Impurity Control in Silicon” (1997)

Zeng, Lirong 
“High efficiency thin film silicon solar cells with novel light trapping: principle, design and processing” (2008)

Zheng, Bo 
“Process Integration of Erbium-Doped Silicon Light-Emitting Diodes and MOSFETs” (1996)