Lionel C. Kimerling

EMAT Principal Investigator

Lionel C. Kimerling, Thomas Lord Professor

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Director, Microphotonics Center

Ph.D., Metallurgy, MIT, 1969
      S.B., Metallurgy, MIT, 1965

Prof. Kimerling's research has had fundamental impact on the understanding of the chemical and electrical properties of defects in semiconductors and in the use of this knowledge in materials processing and component reliability. His research teams have enabled long-lived telecommunications lasers, produced the first 1MB DRAM, developed semiconductor diagnostic methods such as DLTS, SEM-EBIC and RF-PCD, and pioneered silicon microphotonics. His MIT research on silicon processing has addressed integrated circuit fabrication, microphotonic materials and devices, solar energy conversion and environmentally benign integrated circuit manufacturing. His group's Microphotonics research has produced a series of first ever achievements with the goal of monolithic integration of optical interconnection with integrated microelectronic circuit chips.