Peter Su '20 Danhao Ma '20 Derek Kita '19



Suguru Akiyama Brian Albert '16 Sarah Bernardis '12

"Germanium on silicon heteroepitaxy for high efficiency & photovoltaic devices

"Engineering impurity behavior on the micron-scale in metallurgical-grade silicon production"

Lirong Zeng Broderick '07 Yan Cai  '14 Rodolfo Camacho-Aguilera '13
"High Efficiency Thin Film Si Solar Cells with Novel Light Trapping: Principle, Design and Processing" “Materials science and design for germanium monolithic light source on silicon” "Germanium on Silicon laser for silicon photonics"



Jing Cheng '10 Louisa Chiao '11 David T. Danielson '08
  "Adoption and evolution of optical interconnect cables" "Anisotropic dewetting in ultra-thin single-crystal silicon-on-insulator films"

Ning-Ning Feng '05-'07

Postdoctoral Associate

Wojciech Giziewicz '06 Zhaohong Han '16
Silicon photonics, photovoltaics, glass waveguides and sensors "High performance photodetectors for multimode optical data links" "Integrated infrared sensor platform"

Ching-yin Hong '03 Juejun Hu '09 Samerkhae Jongthammanurak '08

"Intelligent field emission arrays"

"Planar chalcogenide glass materials and devices" "Germanium rich silicon germanium materials for field effect modular application"
TaeWan Kim '14-'15

Pao-Tai Lin

Postdoctoral Associate

Michal Lipson '98-'01

Postdoctoral Associate



Jifeng Liu '07 Kevin McComber '11 Corentin Monmeyran '16
"GeSi photodetectors and electro-absorption modulators for Si electronic-photonic integrated circuits" "Single-crystal germanium growth on amorphous silicon" "Point defect engineering in Ge"


Jianwei Mu

Luca Dal Negro

Victor Nguyen
Postdoctoral Associate Postdoctoral Associate "Efficient power coupling to waveguides in high index contrast systems"



  Neil Patel  '16 Brian Pearson '16 Vivek Raghunathan '13

"Understanding defects in germanium and silicon for optoelectronic energy conversion"

"Germanium photodetectors on amorphous substrates for electronic-photonic integration" "Athermal photonic devices and circuits on a silicon platform"


Sajan Saini

Vivek Singh '15 Xing Sheng '12

"Gain effect waveguide optical amplifiers for Si microphotonics"

"Chalcogenide glass materials for integrated infrared photonics" "Thin-film silicon solar cells: photonic design, process and fundamentals"



Daniel K. Sparacin '06 Michael Stolfi '06 Rong Sun '08
"Process and design techniques for low loss integrated silicon photonics" "Optical properties of nanostructured silicon-rich silicon dioxide" "Advanced materials, process, and designs for silicon photonic integration"



Xiaochen Sun '09 Michiel Vanhoutte '13 Jianfei Wang '10
Germanium-on-Silicon light-emitting materials and devices for silicon photonics "Erbium-ytterbium-yttrium compounds for light emission at 1.54[mu]m" "Resonant-cavity-enhanced multispectral infrared photodetectors for monolithic integration on silicon"



Winnie Ye '07-'08 Jae Hyung Yi '08 Yasha Yi '04
Postdoctoral Associate "Silicon rich nitride for silicon based laser devices" “On-chip Silicon Based Photonic Structures: Photonic Band Gap and Quasi-Photonic Band Gap Materials” 


Timothy WC Zens '11 Lin Zhang '11-'15 Eveline Postelnicu `22
3-12 μm Multi-spectral Infrared Detector Arrays (MIDAS) Postdoctoral Associate

"Low Temperature Processing for Heterogeneous Integration of Ge-on-Si Materials Systems"