Master's Theses

Master's Theses  (listed alphabetically by surname):

Abdi, Fatwa Firdaus "Technology and Market Analysis of Standard Electronic Photonic Package" (2006)

Bernardis, Sarah "SiGe electro-absorption modulators for applications at 1550nm" (2008)

Black, Marcie R "Losses in Polysilicon Waveguides" (1995)

Capelle, Michael J. "Improving equipment performance through queueing model applications" (1995)

Chalfoun, Lynn Louise "Process Optimization of Alloyed Aluminum Backside Contacts for Silicon Solar Cells"  (1996) 

Chan, Julia Kam Chu "Alternative Passivation for Silicon (100), Environmentally Benign Manufacturing, and Cooperative Strategy in Semiconductor Industry"  (2000)  

Chen, Kevin M. "Electrical Breakdown and Luminescence from Erbium Oxide and Er-Doped Silicon Thin Films"  (1998)  

Chiao, Louisa "The evolution and adoption of optical interconnect cables" (2011)  

Closkey, Cynthia "Developing Decision Processes for Managing Supply Chain Dynamics"  (1997) 

Cortesi, Elisabetta "Analysis and Reduction of Variability in Scanning Electron Microscopy Measurements of Critical Dimensions"  (1998)  

Erchak, Alexei A. "Design and Fabrication of a Light Emitting Diode Using a Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal"  (1999)  

Fears, Eric Sebastian "An Analysis of the Effect of Technology Transfer Methodology on Manufacturability and Sustainability"  (1994)  

Gan, Fanqi "Electronic Structure and Light Emission from Erbium Centers in Silicon"  (1995)  

Gupta, Rita "Defect Characterization of Erbium Doped Silicon Light Emitting Diodes"  (1994)  

Gusho, Genta "Understanding the Economics and Material Platform of Bidirectional Transceiver for Plastic Optical Fiber"  (2005)

Haberer, Elaine D. "Particle Generation in a Chemical Vapor Deposition/Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Interlayer Dielectric Tool"  (1998)  

Holman, Jason "Optical Networking Equipment Manufacturing"  (2001)  

Joung, Sandra K. "Qualification of a medium current ion implantation system in a semiconductor production environment."  (1996)  

Kang, John "Applying Six Sigma to Tenneco Automotive Manufacturing"  (1999)  

Keith, Christopher Kenneth "Accelerating Time-to-Money for a Semiconductor Wafer Fab Capacity Ramp"  (1996)  

Keyser, Melinda "A Strategy and Decision Model for Reducing the Total Cost of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment"  (1995)  

Lazo, Nicole Danielle B. "Design and Implementation of Top-Contact Light-Emitting Diodes Integrated on Silicon"  (1994)  

Lee, Chieh-feng "Packaging solution for VLSI electronic photonic chips"  (2007)  

Liao, Ling "Low Loss Polysilicon Waveguides for Silicon Photonics"  (1997)  

Lim, Desmond Rodney "Effect of Point Defect Generation on Transient Enhanced Diffusion"  (1994)  

Luo, Jia "Market analysis for optoelectronic transceiver in short range data transmission"  (2008) 

Mlynarczyk, Michele M. "Improving Synergy in Multi-Site Microprocessor Manufacturing : An Analysis of a Copy Exactly Approach"  (1995)  

Montalbo, Trisha M. "Fiber to Waveguide Couplers for Silicon Photonics"  (2004)  

Morrison, Troy "Particle Characterization for an Eight Inch Wafer Tungsten Chemical Vapor Deposition System"  (1994)  

Nickel, Randal T. "Improving Productivity of Semiconductor Manufacturing Cluster Tools"  (1994)  

Nguyen, Hoang "Analysis of terabit/second-class inter-chip parallel optoelectronic transceiver" (2010)

Osborne, Sean M. "Product Development Cycle Time Characterization Through Modeling of Process Iteration"  (1993)  

Pearson, Brian "Large grain Ge growth on amorphous substrates for CMOS back-end-of-line integration of active optoelectronic devices"  (2012)   

Phanse, Vivek "Enabling Technology for Mobile Computing"  (2000)  

Pujari, Ruturaj "Graphene Nanoribbons for Network On-Chip Architectures and Mid-Infrared Photonic Devices on Silicon" (2017)

Smith, Gregory J. "Managing Process Development Risk : Aluminum Ultrasonic Wire Bonding for Chip-on-Board Applications"  (1993)  

Speerschneider, Michael James "Technology and Policy Drivers for Standardization : Consequences for the Optical Components Industry"  (2004)  

Stewart, Erik A. "Design and implementation of a supply chain management system at an emerging optical networking component supplier"  (2004)  

Tjioe, Fidelia "Evaluation of optical solder for fiber-to-waveguide coupling in silicon photonics"  (2008)  

Vlasak, Andrea Lynn "Integration of Third Party Logistics Providers Within the Distribution Network"  (2001)  

Wong, David Allen "Assessment of the micromorph tandem solar cell" (2010)

Xu, Zhoujia "Migration from electronics to photonics in multicore processor"  (2008) 

Zhang, Yiwen "Next Generation Optical Receivers : Integration and New Materials Platform"  (2004)