EMAT Events

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Spotlight: Si-CMOS compatible materials and devices for mid-IR microphotonics

Analysis of Threshold Current Behavior for Bulk and Quantum-Well Germanium Laser Structures

Single-Crystal Germanium Growth on Amorphous Silicon

Photonic crystal structures for light trapping in thin-film Si solar cells: Modeling, process and optimizations

Engineering broadband and anisotropic photoluminescence emission from rare earth doped tellurite thin film photonic crystals
Events of interest:

EMAT Seminars
Presentations made weekly by EMAT members cover current projects, practice presentations for upcoming conferences, as well as reviews and discussions of recent research results worldwide.

ATAC General Meetings

ATAC Optics Meetings

EPIC Meetings

MURI Team Meetings (Electrically Injected Silicon Lasers)
In weekly meetings, we have detailed and interactive discussions based on research results (presentations are made by each university involved in the MURI Si laser project) by video conference.


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