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Spotlight: Si-CMOS compatible materials and devices for mid-IR microphotonics

Analysis of Threshold Current Behavior for Bulk and Quantum-Well Germanium Laser Structures

Single-Crystal Germanium Growth on Amorphous Silicon

Photonic crystal structures for light trapping in thin-film Si solar cells: Modeling, process and optimizations

Engineering broadband and anisotropic photoluminescence emission from rare earth doped tellurite thin film photonic crystals

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Lisa Sinclair
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 13-4122
Cambridge, MA  02139-4307
Tel:  617-253-6681
Fax:  617-253-6782

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Brian Albert

EMAT Telephone Directory:

Tel. No.
  Computer Lab 617-253-6904 13-4119
  Main Lab 617-253-6904 13-4120
  Optics Lab 617-253-5169 12-067
  PL Lab 617-258-8865 13-4124
  Processing Lab 617-258-7117 13-4060
  SEL CVD Lab 617-253-8620 13-1150
  Sputter Lab 617-253-8493 13-4071
  EMAT Cleanroom 617-258-8989 13-4123
  EMAT Conference Room 617-252-3893 13-4106
  MPC Conference Room 617-253-3872 12-084


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