Electronic Materials Group (EMAT)

The Electronic Materials Research Group at MIT (EMAT) is the research laboratory led by Lionel C. Kimerling, Thomas Lord Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Jurgen Michel, Senior Research Scientist, and Anu Agarwal, Principal Research Scientist at MIT's Materials Research Lab/ Microphotonics Center.

EMAT actively explores silicon-based microphotonics, or the control of light at extremely small scales using integrated devices built in silicon (or a variant of silicon such as silicon nitride). So why are we the electronic materials group if we work in photonics? Good question. Silicon-based photonics is a technology that promotes the convergence of electronic and optical devices to produce integrated solutions for application-specific problems, such as signal interconnection, signal sensing and image sensing. So we know the name can be can be a little confusing, but it's because we work at the intersection of photonics and electronics. Clear as mud? Check out our "What do we do?" and "Projects" pages to get a better feel for what we're all about.

You can also check out our "People" pages to learn more about the folks that make EMAT go on a daily basis. There's also many groups we're related to or associated with, so here's a few links if you want to learn more about a few of those groups: